Body & Food Freedom - Free Yourself From Dieting

Join us at R1SE Brook Place on the 29th of January for a workshop to help understand food and how to keep up with good nutrition in the new year! Helping to keep you energised and giving you insight into how to lose weight sustainably and for the long term 🍎

It will be perfect for anyone sick of starting and failing diets or just anyone wanting to learn more about their food choices.

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The Workshop

Join us at R1SE Brook Place from 4 pm on the 29th of January for a workshop to escape your dieting worries and explore how to build sustainable and amazing food habits. Learning how you can improve your health in the long run and start to make changes to transform you to being the best you!

Everyone has a different experience with food and working out what works best for our bodies! It is a great way to discover how to keep your diet interesting and freeing yourself from the world of fad and yo-yo diets.

Your Host 

Nory Sikes is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Health- Nutrition Coach and Mind-Body Practitioner.

Sport and Health have always been a huge part of her life as she used to be a professional gymnast. Nory has both helped people struggling with dieting issues, whilst also going through a lot of these issues herself. She will be a wonderful help to any of you needing guidance.


You can get involved in this amazing workshop for just £30. 

Workshop Content:

  1. Learn how to sustainably lose weight without fad diets

  2.  Find out the benefits of different foods and how to still enjoy eating whilst helping to nourish your body

  3.  How to keep your food choices interesting when you feel bored with the same old dishes

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