R1SE @ Brook Place

Opening July 2021

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We are expecting to be ready to open at the end of July.

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About R1SE @ Brook Place

We are so excited about what we are building at Brook Place. it is going to be one of the UK's top well-being studios and certainly, it's most technically advanced.

Community will be at the heart of R1SE @ Brook Place. Let's meet people again and make new friends! After each class we'll serve teas in our large reception area to encourage that vital bit of after class mingling. You can laugh at each other's hot yoga hair 🀣.

We will be merging the ancient with the latest to create a modern urban feel accessible to anyone. We expect these studios to be popular with men and women alike, beginner or expert, athlete or reformed couch potato.

Our new location will comprise of 2 Studios! The larger studio will have a night club feel, dark walls, atmospheric lights, an instructor on stage and DJ mixed tunes to match the mood.

The smaller studio 2 will be all white, mirrored and also allow us to provide Barre and Aerial yoga.

Both studios will have underfloor heating to keep those tootsies warm and enough infrared panel heaters (loads of health benefits) to get either studio mega hot.

We are building a fabulous changing area so that you can do a hot, sweaty class and then use the facilities to get ready for the rest of your day or night ahead.