12 Moves of Christmas

challenges movement Dec 23, 2020

Ho ho ho 🎅🏻

Here is a Christmas challenge for you.  Lot's of fun.

Exercise should make you happy 😃

This week we are joined by our youngest son Noah.  Noah is loving his exercise at the moment, he watches inspirational child and adult athletes on YouTube and can't stop telling people that he can do 100 press-ups and a 10-minute plank!  He can!

So here are the details for this week challenge...

Begin by completing the first exercise one time.
Next, complete two repetitions of the second exercise followed by the first exercise again.
Continue by completing the three repetitions of the third exercise, two repetitions of the second exercise, and a single repetition of the first.
With each new round, you’ll add one exercise and then work your way back down to the first.
The 12 Days of Christmas will have you feeling the burn as things move along quickly without a break.

12 Days of Christmas Workout Exercises

  • 1: 20-second plank
  • 2: L sit
  • 3: Push-ups
  • 4: Reverse sit-ups
  • 5: Tricep dips (opt. One leg lifted)
  • 6: Mountain climbers
  • 7: Leg lowers
  • 8: Bike Crunches
  • 9: Superman (from plank or tabletop)
  • 10: Lunges (knee drops)
  • 11: Knee repeaters
  • 12: Squats

Enjoy 😃

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