We first launched in January 2018 with 3 signature classes, POWER, FLEX & CHILL.  Every 2 months we create brand new sequences for each of our class styles.  As R1SE developed we added in the new class styles of SCULPT, FUSION, PILATES, BLISS, FLOW, VINYASA, ASHTANGA, YIN, RECOVERY BARRE, WHEEL, MANDALA & PREGNANCY.  Hence you'll see that our classes are called things such as POWER 17, this is it is because it is our 17th unique sequence of our Power class.  

At R1SE TV we have over 600 ON-DEMAND classes covering over 100 unique sequences.


A fast-paced, no messing hot class for those who love to sweat and smile! Expect to find power and fluidity through a strong breath driven practice, along with an upbeat soundtrack, challenging sequences and a sense of humour to inspire us as we move off our mat and into the world.

We also have over 17 Power Sequences with multiple instructors available on R1SE TV.  Click here to get R1SE TV for £1 for the first 14 days and then £20 per month.



Energise and challenge yourself through a Flex class where you will R1SE towards a peak pose. This class builds lower body strength, a strong foundation for balance, and overall increased flexibility. Though the pace is great for those newer to yoga, expect a challenge at any experience level through our R1SE and shine ‘wildcard’ position each session.



Get stronger, leaner and lighter by adding weights to your yoga class.
Sculpt will offer you everything you love about the mindful flow of a Vinyasa Yoga class with the addition of muscle-sculpting work and cardio bursts to rev up your metabolism and torch calories. This is not your typical Yoga class.
Sculpt is both a great compliment to a regular yoga practice and a super place for those who don’t usually do yoga. Sculpt can assist you in stress management, increasing endurance, strength and flexibility.



A funky combination of our Flex, Power & Chill classes. A sassy session bringing together the strength and balance of Flex; the fun, fast flow of Power and the deep stretchy relaxation of Chill.
One one-stop-shop for R1SE lovers and beginners alike!



This type of workout is similar to yoga but with more of a focus on the core and spinal alignment, it includes lots of micro-movements making it sneakily difficult!
It is accessible for everyone and has more of a focus on increased repetitions with control and precision. Pilates benefits include a healthy posture and a healthy spine, as well as overall general conditioning.
During the class, your entire core, glutes and upper body will receive special attention. This energetic session is paired with funky tunes to keep you motivated. Not to mention the health and flexibility of the spine to train your muscles to work together, which will lead to good posture and strength throughout your body.



An all-levels class with a slower, super chilled, flowing pace and more time spent down on your mat. The gentle heat and nourishing postures allowing you to release built-up tension and stress, putting a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. A great way to reward your body for all that it does for you.



A wonderfully relaxing class where restorative yoga and soft supported stretches meet guided meditation. Most of the class is done at floor level and can be great for de-stressing, learning how to breathe those worries away and focus on beautiful you.



A fast, fluid class without too much fire, incorporating energetic movement through a series of poses, focusing on a sense of seamless physical motion. Building on flexibility and mobility, whilst increasing the heart rate and flowing with the breath


This class is characterised by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, using the breath, like a moving meditation that will help you get out of your head and into your body.

Vinyasa classes offer a variety of postures and no two classes are ever alike. It helps to develop strength and balance in the body as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries that can happen if you are always doing the same thing every day.


A dynamic and challenging class following a set sequence of poses. The aim of this sequence is to remove any obvious physical issues that may prevent you from having a healthy body. For most of use, that means opening up the hips and lengthening the hamstrings! 

The sequences can be adapted to individual needs, but roughly speaking everyone will practise the same set of postures everyday until they have mastered it.

Bonus is that once you learn even a relatively short yoga sequence off-by-heart, you can get into “the zone” when you practice.


This class targets your deep connective tissues, like your fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It’s slower and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. Because you’re holding poses for a longer period of time than you would in other traditional types of yoga, yin yoga helps you stretch and lengthen those rarely-used tissues while also teaching you how to breathe through discomfort and sit with your thoughts.


Our low intensity Recovery class involves various techniques like foam rolling, self massage and stretching, all of which promise to help your body recover better and faster and should be incorporated into your wellness routine. The techniques help stretch sore muscles, increase flexibility and can also reduce stress and inflammation letting your body chill and rebuild after your more intense sessions.
Working at a lower intensity will help give your circulation a little boost and help get nutrients (like amino acids and oxygen) to your muscles so they can repair themselves. It also helps flush out waste products that built up during exercise (like hydrogen ions and lactic acid) and contribute to muscle damage and fatigue.


Think Pilates but more upbeat and with a bit more spice!! Barre combines elements of classical Ballet moves alongside Pilates, Yoga & strength training - but don’t let all this put you off- it’s low impact with high repetitions for that extra burn. 
Barre is completed on the mat similar to Pilates and Yoga; focusing on breath work, core and fine movement control. You will also be stood at the “barre”, here you will find more of the Ballet elements working on hand and foot position, balance and hip control all to high tempo funky tunes.
NO dance/ballet experience is required, we welcome everyone of all abilities, but be ready to sweat, shake your booty and have lots of fun!


This specialised class combines the use of a yoga wheel with yoga poses. Used as a tool to increase flexibility and mobility of the spine, help you achieve back bending postures, and find new ways of developing strength and flexibility in your practice. A fab, flowing class for people of all levels and experience creating a unique overall opening experience.


Geared towards easing stress and anxiety, helping to reduce pain and discomfort as well as an opportunity to meet other mums-to-be and embark on this journey together. Our Preganacy classes offer all the fun as a regular R1SE class but with safer more suitable pose options for each trimester. Practicing yoga throughout pregnancy can help during childbirth and also with postpartum recovery. This class is not hot and aimed at yogis in all trimesters and stages of their pregnancy. Students should check with their doctors prior to starting any new movement plan. Feel free to give us a call to discuss what's best for you.


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