R1SE Squat, Sit Up and Burpee Challenge

challenges movement team Dec 01, 2020

We are loving our Tuesday morning challenges.  We started with a plank off, then a press-up challenge and not a 3 song, squat, situp & burpee challenge. 

Exercise: squats

Song: Flower, Moby

Start with this leg burner. Every time the song says 'bring Sally up' you stand, and every time it says 'bring Sally down' you squat and hold until it says 'bring Sally up' again and so on. 

Exercise: Sit-ups

Song: I love the Way You Lie, Eminem and Rhianna 

Every time Rhianna sings, freeze in a held sit-up. Every time Eminem raps, do constantly-moving full sit ups or crunches. Lyrics like "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn" become very relevant if you've got a coach standing over you during this one. 

Exercise: Burpees

Song: Thunderstruck, AC/DC 

Every time you hear 'thunder', drop down and do a burpee. And not the wimpy kind, make sure it's got a push up at the bottom and a full jump and clap above your head at the top!

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