IBIZA - a real Re'Treat' - a week of fun in the gorgeous sun! β˜€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸŒ±

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On our first retreat to Ibiza 'the white island' we were blessed with gorgeous sunshine and crystal clear waters and overcome with peaceful laid-back vibes - the perfect destination for a 5 day retreat and a warm weather break after the cold winter months.
We combined a good mix of yoga, free time, adventure and self exploration for a relaxed holiday feel. With opportunities to indulge and spoil with massages, great yoga classes, meditation and mindfulness sessions all just a stones throw from the beach on our own yoga deck. Every single activity was optional and there was plenty of time for people to sunbathe, chat, have a siesta and catch up on their sleep if they preferred.
Escaping to the sunny Balearic Island when it's cold back home is truly blissful, and practising yoga on the beach is a real treat, but what made this yoga retreat even more special were the amazing connections and bonds created during the 5 days with like minded people - something that stays with you long after you've returned home.
"Just back from a fantastic R1SE retreat in Ibiza. We have had the best time. R1SE went above and beyond to be inclusive, fun and enriching. Highly recommend to all" (A Leetham)
With varying yoga classes every day offering suitable modifications for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, you could practice at your own pace and be challenged when you felt you needed it, or simply just focus on the basics if you're just starting out. All with gorgeous views of the Mediterranean and the freshness of the salty sea air.  With all of the sessions and activities optional, there was never pressure to make yourself uncomfortable. Jen was there to give you individual tips and and advice on how to improve your practice, modify poses due to injury or whether just not very flexible, or to walk you through how to get into that elusive headstand or arm balance that you've been wanting to try. Guests were welcome to take a break whenever they liked and by the end of the week left armed with a set of yoga tools to help them to continue their practice after the retreat and maybe a little motivation to hit the mat more often when they got home. Several of our guests said they felt  more grounded and metaphorically 'taller' and 'lighter'.
This combined with Jo's thought provoking and emotive daily group meditation and mindfulness sessions , reflecting on gratitude, self-care, being present and a positive mindset, gave people the opportunity to be their best selves and take action with areas of their lives that they were not satisfied with.
"The week and the chats have had a profound effect of me. You won't believe this but I came home and had a chat with my boyfriend about how I've been afraid of taking action just out of fear...and we're now engaged!"
We all know how everyone loves to know where there next meal is coming from and what's on the menu... so here's some of the yummy food we shared with our guests.
R1SE Retreats are super considerate of your dietary needs and although mainly plant based in nature, there are no restrictions or rules regarding a cheeky glass of wine, coffee etc as it's all part of enjoying the culture and the trip in our view. Our style of yoga retreat doesn't mean depriving yourself of simple pleasures but exploring pleasure in experiences you may not have had before..different food, new adventures, varying movement and the chance to meet a new 'tribe' to name but a few.
"I feel better than I’ve felt for a long time. I’ve been for walk, thirty minutes of yoga and 20 meditation and I’ve lost 4lbs …. Lentils & beans rule πŸ˜‚  I seriously cannot thank you all enough I was drifting into  a dark place before I came and it’s definitely gone. ❀️" L Haines
In addition to visiting some of the islands beautiful beaches we also headed out to explore more of what the island had to offer. We organised a SUP yoga session on the stunning El Figureal beach during the week. A chance to put everyone's balance to the test, swim in the clear blue water, spend the afternoon relaxing with a book with views out to the Med. Even those not comfortable in the water or nervous of trying this type of session gave it a whirl, inspired by the more confident members of the group and the fabulous instruction of SUP Yoga Pilates. When in Ibiza and all that #noregrets!
For those wanting more activity, later in the week there was chance to stretch their legs, as we indulged in a picnic powered 10km hike round the coastline to a fabulous viewpoint 168m above sea level. Rounded off with a well deserved ice cream on our return journey on the Santa Eulalia promenade and a game of spot your favourite yacht in the Port.
The Ibiza Hippy Market is a must when visiting the island and a very pleasant Wednesday afternoon was spent soaking up the sights, sounds and smells of this amazing place. A great opportunity to sample some of the local produce and take home a bargain outfit or two. To enhance the experience, live music and entertainment coursed through the stall lined streets and squares putting everyone in a really relaxed frame of mind. Well worth a trip if you're planning a visit.
The same evening we went out to eat at a local restaurant; Pura Vida just a 10 minute walk from the villa offering a scrumptious range of cocktails and freshly caught sea food for those wanting to escape the chickpeas :)
Ibiza Town was our trip out on Thursday; with a chance to visit the historic old town for a cultural tour and great timing as we were treated to a fabulous Medieval market, beautiful white washed buildings and loads of food and drink.
So I'm going to stop right here because I feel that it's unfair to continue for those that couldn't make it on this particular retreat, with all that sun, sand, sangria - it was truly terrible!?!
To conclude there's been laughter, tears (of joy I might add), a sense of serenity and good times had by all. I think it's important to mention that as hosts we've learnt loads and are overjoyed with the responses and feedback we've received and are already looking forward to the booking the next one...so watch this space!

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