R1SE and Shine: How I Navigate Life's Beautiful Chaos

Jul 13, 2023

Hey everyone Jen here.

Have you ever wondered what it's like juggling a family of five, two buzzing yoga studios, a bustling Airbnb, a four-legged fur baby, a playful feline, a loving hubby, a social life, AND navigating the wild ride of peri-menopause? But you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The Power of Software (and a Post-It or Two!)

I think it's the teacher in me (my career before kids) but staying organised is a must. Balancing school runs, football practices, horse riding lessons, and the social calendars for three kids in different age brackets (15, 12, and 9) is like orchestrating a three-ring circus - but way more fun! And digital calendars on Amazon Alexa, note taking and task managing apps, staff scheduling platforms my friends, are my secret weapon. Along with a good old paper list at times...but don't tell my techie hubby!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Speaking of which, I'm not alone in this. My amazing husband is the best co-conductor in this beautiful chaos. We're the dynamic duo his strengths compliment my weaknesses - from household chores and kids' emotions to the craziness of our businesses and even food prep to feed the hoards. We've got this dance down!

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

You know the saying "It takes a village"? It really does! Sometimes, I feel like a superhero without a cape, tackling the daily grind. It's taken a while but I've learned that it's okay to delegate and share responsibilities. The kids will help out with things (if bribed/paid), and our fabulous R1SE team are super capable, passionate and step up when needed at the studios. It's teamwork, and it's a lifesaver!

Boss Lady Vibes

On the business front, for Chris and I it's all about wearing many hats - the leader, the decision-maker, the number cruncher, the facilitator, the marketer, the problem-solver, and yes, even the cleaner. It's a bit of everything, but it's so rewarding to see our vision come to life and making so many people happy is a beautiful thing!

Self-Care is Self-Love

Now, let's talk about the 'me' in this whirlwind of life. Being a mum, a business owner, and a wife doesn't mean forgetting about myself. With the wild ride of peri-menopause thrown into the mix, I've realised that self-care is essential. I love my teaching sessions - they're a bit of 'me' time, a space where I get to inspire and enthuse and share the amazing energy that our R1SERS bring to our sessions. Getting enough sleep and eating right do wonders for handling everything that life (and hormones!) throw at me. I follow a largely plant-based diet, planned a week in advance so I don't fridge dive. I use 'Forks Over Knives' to do this as it has loads of awesome recipes and gives me a grocery list with the quantities all laid out. I also intermittent fast (16/8) as it seems to suit my digestion as well as being amazing for cell repair and reducing inflammation. Although I'm generally an early riser, out to teach at the break of day I don't beat myself up if on my non teaching days I take that extra 30 mins before starting my day. It's about recognising where you are at that particular moment.

Rolling with the Punches

And you know what else helps? Being flexible. Life's full of curveballs - an ill child, a sudden AirBnB booking, or a yoga schedule mix up. I try not to worry about things which are out of my control - staying adaptable and rolling with the punches is part of the game. Keeping things in perspective and not losing my cool is one of my strengths and having the ability to view the situation through other peoples eyes is a must. Then make a decision - a considered one.

Passion Fuels the Fire

Finally, passion. It's the fuel that keeps my fire burning. Whether it's a packed yoga class, a glowing review  or successfully pulling off the impossible - aka coordinating three kids', 18 instructors', 5 receptionists', 1 AirBnB schedules - the love for what I do keeps me going.

So, there you have it - a glimpse into my slightly crazy, utterly fulfilling life. It's chaotic, it's unpredictable, but it's also full of love, laughter, and the most rewarding experiences. I've not written this as a pat on the back to me but as a 'I'm right here with you team' - we're all busy we all have different plates to spin but amidst it all, remember that it's okay to put yourself first sometimes. I've never lived this life before and we're all just trying to do the best that we can. Looking after number 1 is not selfish; it's necessary. Because only then can we give our best to those around us. Here's to embracing life's beautiful chaos, putting on our capes (even if they're invisible!), and r1sing to every occasion.

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