T30 Time! Fresh new classes launching this week!

classes movement pilates sculpt yoga Nov 04, 2020

If you've glanced through the upcoming schedule you may have seen that we have a delightful new dish appearing on the R1SE menu....from Thursday we will be launching our new T30 classes- tasty 30 minute morsels of LIVE R1SE action! 

We'll still be offering Flex, Power, Chill, Bliss, Pilates and Sculpt classes, but bringing you a whole new range of sequences which will condense the fun into a shorter 30 minute time frame.

In addition to bringing you all new sequences and flows, the aim of this new class format is make it even easier to squeeze your R1SE fix into your day. Listening to your feedback, we know it can be hard sometimes to fit a whole 45 minutes into the morning, or sometimes, when working from home it can be more challenging to find the motivation, peace and quiet or headspace for a 45 minute class. We hope this new 30 minute offering makes it easier for everyone to jump on the mat, surf their way into the Zoom room and start the day with some fun together!

Less time doesn't mean less fire or less action however- we're designing brand new sequences which will get the body moving, the blood pumping, muscles working and face smiling even in this shorter time period.

If you're a long-class lover,  try back-back classes (you can do three on a Saturday and two on a Sunday!), or follow your morning class with one of our new 15 minute flows which will be hitting the R1SE TV video catalogue soon! We'll also continue to be offering our regular 45 minute classes during weekday evenings if you want to hop in the Zoom room to say hello!

T30 classes start on Thursday 5th November and will take place on Weekday mornings, Saturday mornings and Sunday evening. 


If you've not yet got R1SE TV then just check out what you are missing.


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