A beautiful bootie-full experience: New bliss coming!

bliss classes meditation movement Dec 06, 2020

We LOVE glutes to the max here at R1SE!

Building strength and power in the glutes is important for spinal health, knee health, sports performance and hitting the dance floor, and you'll be sure to see plenty of butt burning action in all of our classes. 

We don't want to just fire up them buns though- it's also super important to give these hard working muscles plenty of TLC, particularly if we've torched them in our more fiery classes.

With that in mind, we present a blissful booty experience - our new bliss class is a opportunity to spend some quality stretching time with your lower half, alongside some luscious upper body openers and breath based relaxation techniques. 

We hope it feels AWESOME!

Catch the new Bliss live in the studio on Friday's @ 19.30

If you've not yet got R1SE TV then just check out what you are missing.


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