Conquering the Edale Skyline

movement team Nov 09, 2020

Records were made this day...

Beth and Rosie ran further than they had ever run before.  Well done team.

We agreed to meet at the Cheshire Cheese Pub in Edale, who would have thought that there were two Cheshire Cheese Pubs in Edale.  Unbelievable.

So after we finally met at the correct Cheshire Cheese we prepared for the run.

This one had been planned by Louis.  The team was Louis, Dan, Beth, Rosie and Chris.

As Louis and Dan made it seem so easy social distancing was fine as they were always 100 metres ahead of us.

The weather said it would be cloudy and cold but no wind so that was acceptable.

As we started running we soon warmed up and the first 5km was mostly running and stopping off layers.  Eventually, we all ended up in T-Shirts and got into our stride.

 Although this might look like Rosie playing statues she was actually trying to circumnavigate an enormous puddle.  We were still at that stage of the run where you think you might be able to keep your feet dry.

Louis and Dan who seemed to be finding this pretty easy kept telling us that it was all downhill from here.  Then we would get to another hill.  I think they were doing to manage morale and it worked well.

After a couple of hours, the clouds parted and the sun peeked out.  This afforded us some fabulous views which we really appreciated.

It really was a spectacular run and would make an excellent day-long hike.

Although I have run a lot on this area I ended up on many paths and peaks that I had never run before.  Where we live is so glorious and I can't recommend enough for you to get out and explore this majestic countryside.

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