Flow 3: our new flying flow has landed!

classes flow movement yoga May 13, 2021

Summer is here, studio classes are back on, and we cannot wait to get sweaty together again.

Our new Flow class is one of our sweatiest yet - this class styles brings together cardio, dynamic flexibility and strength work and will get your heart rate up and leave you feeling loose and limber.

In the first half of class we'll dance our way round the mat through a series of flowing standing sequences, and towards the end we'll start to FLY! 

This flow preps us for flying pigeon, crow, firefly and 8 angle pose, with options to either just take the prep moves, or pop up into these awesome arm balances. A whole smorgasbord of delectable flying fun to work towards over the coming weeks! Don't worry if you find these moves challenging- they're entirely optional, and over the coming weeks we'll work towards them together.

We cannot wait to see you on the mat!

Catch Flow 3 LIVE in studio on: Monday's 6.30am & 5.30pm, Tuesday's 8.30am, Friday 6.30pm!




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