Half Marathon from the Norfolk Arms

movement nature Oct 26, 2020

On Saturday Rosie and I (Chris) were meant to be travelling to the Lake District to take part in the Langdale Half Maraton.  I booked this as my original Windermere marathon in April was cancelled.  I never dreamt we would still be having such disruption to sport and everyday life months later.

When we got the email suggesting not to Travel Rosie suggested we run our own half in our own beautiful back yard. 

So I picked Rosie up at 8:30am whilst Jen was leading the charge at the R1SE studio.

We parked at The Norfolk Arms and were away by 9am.  See the wonderful circular route via this Komoot plan.


As we ran past ramblers who were wearing their full winter clothing they were evidently amused to see Rosie bolting along wearing very little.  Rosie says she overheats when she runs and hence this works well for her.

I on the other hand have been watching a series on Amazon Prime called "I shouldn't be alive", I highly recommend it.  It is about people who go into the great outdoors unprepared (think Rosie) and quickly get into trouble.  So I was wearing 4 layers, carrying 2 litres of water, energy sachets, a whistle, survival blanket, first aid kit and trail shoes.  So we were safe 😃

It took us 2 hours 17 minutes, we would have been quicker but Rosie kept needing WilderWees (A wee in the wilderness), maybe this was the first signs of hypothermia?

Although it was wet and windy we add an absolutely ace morning, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (Rosie can chat even more than me) and were buzzing with endorphins by the end.

The hardest thing about going for a run isn't the running, jogging or walking, it is getting your trainers on and making the decision to leave the house.  Now get those trainers on and explore the amazing nature around us.

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