Primal Play and Handstand Workshop

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The importance of having fun and giving yourself freedom to move and widen your imagination had been stunted for many in the modern world.

With many only having respect for seriousness and restraint, we wanted to bring a newfound fun to those who needed to take a step away from the judgement of the outside world. A place to let loose and relive the playfulness of their childhood’s.

 The Primal Play and Handstand workshop saw a new venture at Brook Place, with our first ever workshop since opening! With many people coming to make new connections, as well as pursue a new outlook on life and how to bring youthful fun into the adult world.

 The day started with Primal Mobility, a section designed to take you out of your comfort zone and find a new freedom in movement, through fun and intriguing ways you may not have explored before. Many a giggle could be found in this portion of the workshop, and big smiles too. It was a great way to get everyone into the rhythm of moving intuitively and opening up the mind to new experiences.

 Of course, a fun day spent with all our yogis would not be complete without refreshments! In between each section flapjacks and tea were provided to keep everyone energised and ready for the next challenge! It was a good chance to take a breather, have a brew and have a nice chat! Building a community is something we love to do at R1se and so to see everyone bonding over this new time together was lovely!

The next section of the workshop focussed on learning how to incorporate your newfound intuitiveness into your everyday practice. We called it Flow and Fluidity. The aim of this section was to use the skills learned in section one and get into pairs to create your own flow, for both yourselves, but also anyone wanting to join in and experience your flow. This was a great way for all the participants to get creative and try to experience something new. Whether through discovering something within the movement of their own flow, or rethinking their experiences by processing and testing other people’s.

The final section of the day was Handstands. A seemingly mighty challenge, that may have been a bit daunting for some, but in reality, this portion was enlightening and encouraging. People of all levels can improve their handstand, whether you can balance for as long as you wish, or even just manage to kick both of your feet of the ground, this was a place for everyone to get great tips and try something new, no matter how far into your handstand journey you may be.

Starting off with balance, the method and working out the differences in our bodies, the main focus was to try and make you feel more comfortable and confident with the handstand, so there was a lot of warm up. No matter what progress was made during the session, it was a lot of fun for everyone, and many people were proud and happy with the results they got!

We are so proud of our yogis and the progress they made in the workshop! Whether it was just a bit of fun, to open the mind, or something that they will now incorporate into their everyday practice, we are sure it is an experience they won’t forget!


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