Hiking the Fox House Loop

movement nature Sep 29, 2020

There is literally no better way to enjoy Nature than hiking in the amazing Peak District and one of our most favourite walks is the Fox House Loop.

It is approximately a 7km loop taking you up a couple of small peaks, a bit of scrambling, some brief yet steep ascents and descents and views that are world-class.

It is also a fabulous run and great for training for trail runs. 

 If you have done this walk then we highly recommend it.

We also shared our picnic time with a fabulous old chap who was just desperate to talk.  He started by saying he would not chat the entire way through our picnic and then proceeded to do so (with our encouragement).

He shared the ups and downs of his life story and told us a lot about how he used to help very troubled teenagers and to this day still gets contacted by them to say thank you for turning their lives around.  He achieved this by taking them out of their normal environment and getting them out into nature.  He took them, hiking, climbing, camping and canoeing. What a man!

It is important to have fun and play and certainly not take yourself too seriously.  Jen and I had to explain to several people as we bounced past from rock to rock having a game of "the floor is lava".  I lost!  Jen also spent time riding her imaginary Star Wars speeder 😃.

Clearly, no trip is complete without the obligatory yoga headstand.

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