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mind movement Sep 24, 2020

Here at R1SE we're pretty chilled out Charlie's (well most of the time) and love a slow, flow to stay connected to our bodies, find some space in our busy brains and enjoy our yoga practice.

This round I asked you, our beautiful R1SE peeps, what you'd like to see featured in this latest sequence.... more balance (although not as challenging as Flex obvs) and more release for the neck and shoulders were the shouts. With more people working from home and improvising with their make-shift offices on couches, kitchen work tops and all other manner of places (Chris has found he works well from our treehouse), we've designed a lovely whole body release, in the heat to 'Chill' out and reset.

You can join in with the fun on a Monday @ 18.30 with Hanna or Saturday @ 14.30 with Jen, come to one of our Virtual Chill classes (Tuesday @19.30, Thursday 09.30/19.30) or for those of you who have a R1SE Membership you have access from home via R1SE TV whenever you like :)

Here's a quick run down of what to expect:

  • standing poses like chair, forward folds, tree and lateral bends geared to improve your focus and concentration and strengthen the feet, ankles and calves (if you haven't already checked out my previous BLOG on the 'Beauty of being Barefoot' you can do so here
  • a seated series pivoting around releasing the neck, the spine and the hips, this also features some PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching, which involves both the stretching and contracting of the muscle group being targeted
  • our reclined section brings life into the back body, strengthening and releasing the oh so important posterior chain muscles, think bridge, reclined pigeon, plough pose etc.
  • completing the session with some pelvis reset exercises aimed at relieving any pain or tightness around the lower back, letting the organs relax and breathing into the back body

If you're unsure about a certain yoga pose or want more information about them, then check out Rosie and Jen's fun videos on 'Pose Expose' - another great reason to become a R1SE member :))

Finally the tuuuunes - here's a link to the raw 'Chill 17' pre mixed playlist to get you into the groove.

See you on your mat you 'Chilled out Charlie' you xx


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