Triple fun and triple burn: Pilates 11 has arrived!

classes movement pilates Sep 01, 2020

Pilates 11 is planned, printed and ready to be released!! Watch the 8x sped up version above.

We're super excited about this new release - we've dug deep into the depths of our lower abs to bring you a super fun and super challenging new sequence which uses the power of three to add a mighty burn to our Pilates practice.

As always, there will be options for everyone, and you'll be able to tailor it to your own level and energy, but for anyone who has had their Weetabix and is ready to rumble, we'll be offering the rep-pulse-hold combo πŸ’ͺ

Put simply, we'll do 10 reps, 10 pulses, and hold for 10 in our lower abs, obliques and glute sections of class. 

Overall effect: Oooooooph 😝

To balance out that fireπŸ”₯  we'll have some fun with flow in some ballet-barre-booty-burning balance sequences (try and say that 10 times!) plus of course some sneaky plank power as well.

Coming to the studio, virtual and home R1SE experience THIS WEEK!

Do Pilates for better functionality and body awareness and if nothing else it's fun to roll around on your mat, getting sweaty with friends 😜

Can't wait to see you there!

If you've not yet got R1SE TV then just check out what you are missing.


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