Old Skool Classics are back in! Classic moves are back for Pilates 13

Dec 06, 2020

Fleeces are back in fashion, 'now-stalgia' is being touted as the spirit 2020, there has been a 336% increase rise in sales of custard powder, and Spam is having a revival. All in all it seems we are all just loving getting back to old classics at the moment.

We are all aboard the old skool comeback at R1SE and have gone back to the archives to bring you some of the original and best Pilates moves from the original classical Pilates sequences. 

Look out for a whole range of fun and effective moves from the early Pilates sequences, including some old favourites that we've never stopped loving at R1SE, some challenging new moves, some brain teasing ab burners, back body activation, and getting to grips with your inner frog. 

We cannot wait to get our scrunchies and leg-warmers on and see you the mat!

New Pilates classes go live on Monday 7th Dec

If you've not yet got R1SE TV then just check out what you are missing.


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