What should I eat after hot yoga?

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So you’ve just sweated it out at hot yoga, you’re starving… but what do you eat?!

First of all… HYDRATE! Make sure to drink lots of water after class, as you’ve probably dehydrated your little bod. We serve Birdhouse teas after class which is great for rehydrating. As for food; try to eat a good mix of carbs, fat, and protein for muscle recovery and satiety.

If you took a morning hot yoga class, maybe try porridge with fruit. If it’s later in the day, try a sandwich with lean protein (chicken or a meat substitute if you’re a veggie), a healthy fat such as avocado or nuts and lots of veggies!

What do our teachers eat after class?

Rosie always goes for the protein post-class and is always grateful if someone else makes her something. Ashton loves sourdough bread and sometimes treats herself to ice cream when she’s finished teaching. Beckie is all about the carbs - pasta, rice or a jacket spud with lots of veg and protein.

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