Power 18: 360 degrees of fun!

Nov 15, 2020

It's lockdown number 2, but we're not stopping us getting around at R1SE-  our brand new Power class takes you on a full 360 tour of your mat so you can get a change of scene and move in all directions, without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

We've headed over (mentally) to Brazil in search of funky new flows and have taken inspiration from capoeira for our standing flow which will spin you around your mat whilst working the body in all directions. 

Power 18 is also all about helping you get upside down- it's heavy on handstand drills and preparation moves to support your journey to getting upside down. Expect lots of core, hamstrings and pikes. 

We can't wait to bust these moves with you! 

Check out the new Power class live on Zoom and R1SE  TV:

Wednesdays 6.30pm

Fridays 4.30pm

If you have R1SE TV you can see our Power 18 classes here

If you've not yet got R1SE TV then just check out what you are missing.


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