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r1se tv Aug 25, 2023

Hey there, super R1sers!

It's Chris, founder of R1SE Yoga. Besides being passionate about yoga, I'm quite the techie! The pandemic provided an unexpected pause for the world, and during this hiatus, we decided to bring a vision to life: R1SE TV. Can you believe that with just some investment and robust Wi-Fi, we've built our very own live TV studio, delivering over 50 hours of live classes weekly? As the world began to find its rhythm again, we didn't retreat but rather expanded, evolving our virtual presence from simply good to genuinely world-class.

If you've ever been to Brook Place, you've likely spotted the large screen showcasing our Studio 1 classes live. But that's merely the tip of the iceberg. Those classes are broadcast live, recorded in HD, and the finest ones find a home on R1SE On Demand.

Why R1SE Online?

  1. Expansive Content: With over 700 videos and about 40 new ones every month, we ensure there's always a fresh class to explore.
  2. Diverse Sessions: Whether you're drawn to the energy of 'Power' or the serenity of 'Bliss', our 18 class types, including 'Sculpt' (yoga with weights), have got you covered.
  3. Meet Our Instructors: Our 19 seasoned instructors guide you through every move. Even when they move on, their online classes remain, ensuring continuity in your practice.
  4. Deepen Your Skills with Pose Expose: 49 in-depth videos for those who aspire to refine every pose.
  5. Varied Class Durations: We offer not just our standard 45-minute studio sessions, but also nearly 100 30-minute and over 60 15-minute sessions on R1SE On Demand.

Benefits of R1SE Online:

  • Convenience & Flexibility: Join any time, from anywhere.
  • Personalized Experience: Learn at your pace and comfort.
  • Variety & Choice: Explore diverse classes and instructor styles.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: A budget-friendly way to maintain well-being.
  • Consistency & Commitment: Weather or location won't deter your practice.
  • Supplementary Resources: Tools like 'Pose Expose' enhance your experience.
  • Accessibility: Perfect for those on the move or far from our studios.

In essence, R1SE Online isn't just a feature – it's a cornerstone of our offerings.

Who Should Try R1SE Online?

  • Newbies: Start with 'Foundation' classes.
  • Seasoned Yogis: Dive into advanced sessions like 'Mandala' and 'Fierce'.
  • Busy Bees: 15-minute classes for the time-pressed.
  • Global R1SE Fans: Stay connected, wherever life takes you.

Access Made Easy:

Our flexible pricing integrates R1SE Online for our studio members:

  • Monthly: £1 trial for two weeks, then £20/month.
  • Quarterly: £1 trial for two weeks, then £40/quarter.
  • Annual: Get started with a £1 two-week trial, then just £120/year.
  • Studio Members: All 8, 12, 20, and unlimited memberships come with complimentary R1SE Online access!

Our memberships have zero contractual periods, ensuring freedom and flexibility.

To wrap up, R1SE Online is an integral part of our R1SE Yoga journey. Wherever you unfurl your mat—be it in our studio or your space—we're right beside you, ensuring a comprehensive, accessible, and premier yoga experience.

Stay vibrant and continue to rise,


Founder, R1SE Yoga

PS The 3 minute video attached will show you how R1SE TV works.

If you''re new to R1SE click below to check out our two intro offers.  Come to R1SE either 4 times or an unlimited times in 2 weeks and see if we could help you be your best self.

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