Run in the Sun with Pals along the enchanting Rivelin Valley

movement nature team Sep 22, 2020

So it looks like Tuesday mornings are becoming Team R1SE's morning for a movement/nature excursion.  In previous weeks we have walked and swam so today we were off for a chatty, casual 10km along Rivelin Valley.  Next week we think a cycle around Derwent & Howden Reservoirs may be in order.

We parked in Crookes and set off from the spot that we do our Sunday morning park yoga.  We ran via the community farm that we have helped build, I am doing a blog about this soon. We quickly stopped to check the pond levels and let the chickens out for a day in the sun.  Check out Komoot below for the full route.

We really are so grateful to live in such a safe place surrounded by wonderful nature.  We could run, cycle or run a different trail every day for a year and still find more.

Rosie was running in her pair of Vivo barefoot shoes (see recent blog post), although Rosie has been wearing this type of shoe for a few years, running in barefoot shoes can take some getting used to.  I remember doing it once on holiday and the next day I thought someone had replaced by calves with two golf balls, I was in agony.

After running for about 4km you'll enter into an amazing space with a big bend in the river that is straddled by stepping stones.  It is a fab place to build and races boats with kids and adults.

Carry on for about 200 meters and then about 100 meters before Rail Roads Car Park (which is where we started to Loop back) is an amazing swimming spot.  You can jump from the side at various heights and plunge into a super refreshing pool that is about 8 foot deep.  Check out the photo below.

I love working with Rosie and Jen they are such wonderful humanbeans 🙏❤️

Making sure that we schedule time together in nature, moving is wonderful for our bodies and minds.  If you ever want to join us then just let us know.  All of our mini adventures are about fun, not performance so don't be intimidated by the pro athletes, Jen and Rosie.

Jen's done a 'Yoga for Runners' guide (see above) and below an explanation of why yoga is 'da bomb' and the perfect companion for your running exploits. 

A simple yoga routine loosens tight spots, strengthens weak spots, and makes you a better, less injury-prone runner. Recognising the benefits that yoga can have on both your runner’s body (improved flexibility, range of motion, muscular strength) and mind (more focus, less stress) is where it's at.
Try the eight moves (see video) following a run or on a rest day (or both), they might feel a little uncomfortable at first, especially if you are new to yoga and have been running with tight muscles for a long time. Ease into each position, and never push to the point of pain. As you continue to do this routine, you'll notice improvement—on and off the mat. I highly recommend a Hot Chill session too, for a longer stretch out if your wanting further release.

If you've not yet got R1SE TV then just check out what you are missing.


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