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movement sculpt yoga Sep 08, 2020

Coz these swans are sick 💪🦢

That's right. Get ready for the gun show. Limber up to show people where the beach is. Sculpt 6 starts this week!

It's been almost a year now since we launched our first ever yoga-pilates-weights fusion class, and with a year of pumping iron under our belts (or high waisted leggings) so may of you have been telling us about the massive difference you've seen in strength, tone, posture and in developing lean muscle mass.

In addition to increasing the intensity of our practice, and adding lots of fun, the addition of weights really helps build muscle in body areas which are harder to access with body weight alone, particularly the upper and middle back, and smaller muscle groups of the arms and shoulders. Strengthening these areas is super important for posture and injury prevention,  counteracting all of the forward-reaching and hunching movement's that work and driving tend to create.

Strengthening these areas is also incredibly beneficial for supporting our yoga practice in tricky poses like handstands, forearm stands and low planks. 

Sculpt 6 starts this week! Expect lots of work for the upper back, balance flows, cardio, abs and lots and lots of laughs! 

Live Sculpt classes in studio:

Tuesday 5.30pm

Wednesday 6.30am

Thursday 7.30am

Saturday 1.30pm

Sunday 5.30pm


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