Sculpt 7! Time to find your inner gladiator!

classes movement sculpt Oct 25, 2020
What we do in life echoes in eternity...and what we do on the mat ripples into everything else in life. 
Sculpt 7 is here bringing you all new feel good fun. As ever we'll be focussing on movements that help support healthy spinal alignment and undo common postural in-balances, as well as building strength and toning and conditioning the body. 
In this sequence, we'll use a combination of weights, body weights, yoga and pilates flows and functional movement to create a fiery full body work out with lots of work for the upper and middle back muscles,  arms, butt and abs particularly. 
Sculpt 7 also brings us an exciting new GLADIATOR challenge. This funky little movement flow is a super tough set of movements that really challenges strength, mobility, coordination and works the body in all different directions. It is tricky, but something to work towards as the weeks progress. 
 We can't wait to share! 
Join us for live classes:
Tuesday 5.30pm
Wednesday 6.30am
Thursday 8.30am
Sunday 5.30pm 

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