Sculpt 8: a mid-winter warmer to keep you toasty!

classes movement sculpt yoga Dec 06, 2020

Oh, the weather outside is frightful....

....but Sculpt 8 is so delightful....

and there's simply no place to go....

so let us glow, let us glow, let us glow!

It's getting cold out and there is a dangerous risk of Christmas puns entering into every conversation, but to combat any winter gloom, we're bringing you a brand new sweat fest of a sculpt class that will keep you toasty and glowing from the inside out!

We may not be hot and smokey in the studio together right now, but our new Sculpt 8 will be a guaranteed fire starter even when practiced at home. Look out for lots of dynamic movement to create internal heat and get the heart rate high, tricky balances and lots of calf work  to bring you Christmas fairy elegance and ballerina pins, plus our normal selection of booty and back burning fun to help support healthy posture and alignment. 

We cannot wait to get a festive glow on with you! New Sculpt can be found live on Thursdays and Sundays.


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