Sculpt 10: our strongest class hits double figures!

classes movement sculpt May 04, 2021

Wow! Number 10 already! Time really does fly when you're having fun with pals.

We've loved every minute of our sculpt journey, and we know you have too!

This practice has been an amazing way to develop strength, particularly in those areas of the body that are harder to access with just body weight, such as the upper back. It's made a real difference to our wider yoga practice, particularly inversions and total stability. 

Sculpt has also been a total lockdown lifesaver- my back has never felt better despite finding myself using ironing boards, my bed, the laundry basket and various other random household items for a desk.

Number 10 in the series is all about building on the sculpt classics - expect lots of rows, some tricky plank work, and everyone's favourite mind and body workout - gladiator.

We cannot wait to share!

Catch the new Sculpt online NOW.....and BACK IN THE STUDIO from May 18th!


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