The Top Five Benefits of Yoga for Office Workers

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There are many perks to doing yoga, but one of the groups who benefit most from the practice are office workers! With many slumped in uncomfortable chairs, eyes glazed at a screen, this can be bad for our bodies and mental health!

 Here are some of the benefits of yoga for those of you in an office job:

Yoga can improve your posture and back pain

When you spend a lot of time slouched in a chair, or straining your neck looking at a screen, you can forget that this is not a natural position for your body to be in for long periods of time. Yoga is a great way of combatting this! Nice stretches can help regain movement in stiff body parts, as well as giving your body a bit of extra movement which can help to relieve stress in different body parts.

Yoga can improve your focus

This is a perk for office jobs, it is easy to switch off throughout the day when you are staring constantly at a screen! Yoga helps to train your brain to concentrate and focus and can be a great help to getting your daily tasks done on time! Your boss will love you, and you will be having a blast with your own practise!

Yoga can improve energy levels and motivate

Whilst this one may seem farfetched; yoga has been proven to energise you throughout the day! Losing motivation is a common issue amidst office workers, but yoga can help build routine and discipline, to help keep you motivated and working.

Yoga is good for mental health

Much like with any exercise, yoga helps to release endorphins, which help brighten your mindset and make you feel better, so if you’re trying to combat work blues after a long day, or set yourself up the right way, yoga can aid in doing this and give you a better frame of mind for the workday. This can make you more productive too!

Yoga is good for reducing stress

Yoga is also one of the best ways to combat stress and its adverse effects. It has been shown to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Taking time out to do a little yoga can significantly reduce stress and eliminate all the associated detrimental aspects.

These are just some of the most common and amazing benefits of practicing yoga when you are working an office job! Yoga can seem a bit scary to beginners, but everyone’s practice starts in a different place, with different fitness levels and different experience levels, so try not to worry about how good or bad your poses are, and just try to reap the benefits of practicing!


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