Urban running along the canal and 5 Weirs Walk

habits movement running team Dec 15, 2020

So this week we thought we would try something different and rather than escape to the Peaks or round a reservoir we would start and finish at the R1SE studio and do some urban running.

Although Chris has done this route many times you will note from our route taken that we went round in circles a couple of times and added about 1km to the length.  I used to run these paths whenever we went "en famile" to the cinema.   Jen would drive with the kids and I would run and meet them there.  It then justified some cinema snacks!

It was a really interesting run with lots of photo opportunities.

One of the great things about running with friends is being able to chat.  I find my perfect running pace allows me to run and comfortably talk at the same time (about 150 BPM hear rate).  This run we chatted about behaviour change and habit creation.  Using prompts to create tiny, joyous actions that are great for us that can easily become habits.

Or all the runs we have done never have we only achieved total inclines of only 20m.  This must have been the flattest run that Sheffield could offer.

These Tuesday morning challenges and runs are fast becoming very enjoyable habit forming behaviour.  Soon we hope you'll be able to join us.

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