What to expect in the new Flex 18 routine...

Nov 09, 2020

So team, it's not ideal that we have to practise from home without our lovely heated studio surrounded by kids, pets, washing or work but we know that you've got this lockdown nailed and we can R1SE together!

I know some of you have set yourself yoga challenges for the coming month but why not include working towards this rounds Wildcard - Firefly! Whether you're working on that core and arm strength allowing you to hold your own body weight, or moving towards opening up the hips to get your legs nice and high on your upper arms. There is always progression to be had and with regular practice you'll these see developments creeping in - then one day BOOM you're doing it!

So what've we got in our Flex sequence this round....starting off with standing balance, bringing the plank section later on, followed by 2 lunge sections and rounded off with hips and core before we pursue that fire fly!

Featuring moves like 'Balancing Star', 'Pigeon Dog' and a 'Twisted lunge/Revolved triangle' flow as well as many of our much loved 'side planks', 'forward folds', 'press ups', 'twists' and 'backbends'.

Can't wait to see you all online!



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