Runspiration along the Frozen Burbage Edge

movement nature running Jan 10, 2021

 What a morning this was!

If you were to look at the weather report and see 0 degrees you might think, naah I'll stay in bed but don't go for it, I have never heard of anyone who safely returned from a run regretting it.

It was like a different world up on the tops.  Best of all was that all the mud was frozen.  It was such an adventure run through the frozen fog with our feet crunching away on the ice.  Every other person we met out there seemed to be absolutely buzzing, so proud that they had done what most wouldn't dare.  We dare you to be one of the few.

You don't have to go far or fast but sucking up lungfuls of that crisp air surrounded by world-class beauty will make you feel amazing.

We started at the Norfolk Arms, then ran down toward The Fox House Inn, along Burbage Edge and back through Lady Canning Plantation.  It was just over 10km and we clipped along nicely to get in on bang on 1 hour.

We loved it so much that we're going to do it again on Tuesday. 

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