Unlocking the Power of Yoga in the Classroom: Benefits for Teachers and Students

teachers Apr 17, 2024


Hello! I’m Jen, the founder of R1SE, and a former secondary school teacher. From my own classroom experiences, I know the challenges that teachers and students face daily. When I transitioned from teaching to opening R1SE, I carried with me a profound belief in the power of yoga to transform lives—both inside and outside the classroom. Here's why I believe yoga is an essential tool for educators and their students, and how our fun Yoga Teacher Training at R1SE could be your perfect summer adventure!

Yoga for Teachers: Cultivating Calm and Focus

Stress Reduction: Teaching can be a highly stressful profession. Yoga offers a practical solution for stress management, with techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and physical postures that help lower cortisol levels and promote relaxation.

Enhanced Physical Health: Teachers often spend long hours on their feet, leading to physical strain. Yoga improves flexibility, strength, and posture, reducing the risk of injury and chronic pain associated with standing or sitting for extended periods.

Boosted Mental Clarity: Regular yoga practice enhances concentration and mental focus. For teachers, this means better classroom management, lesson planning, and overall job performance, as they can approach educational challenges with a clear, focused mind.

Yoga for Students: Building Foundations for Success

Enhanced Concentration: Just like their teachers, students benefit immensely from yoga’s focus-enhancing qualities. It helps them pay better attention in class and retain more information.

Emotional and Stress Management: Yoga offers students practical tools to manage school stress. Techniques like mindful breathing help ease test anxiety and improve overall student well-being.

Physical Activity and Health: Regular yoga practice among students promotes physical health, which is crucial in a world where young people spend increasing amounts of time in sedentary activities.

Why R1SE Yoga Teacher Training?

Our Yoga Teacher Training isn’t just about learning poses—it’s a deep dive into personal and professional transformation. Held over the summer holidays, it’s the perfect time for teachers to join us at R1SE. Our training is engaging, practical, and, above all, fun! It's designed to equip you with everything you need to bring yoga back to your classrooms and beyond. Check out our course details here: R1SE Yoga Teacher Training.


Integrating yoga into schools isn’t just an addition to the curriculum—it’s a necessity for fostering environments where everyone thrives. As someone who’s stood in both the classroom and the yoga studio, I can attest to the profound impact yoga can have on the educational experience.

Join us this summer at R1SE. Transform how you teach, live, and connect. Bring yoga into your life and watch as it beautifully unfolds into the lives of your students. Let’s rise together!

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