Teacher Feature: Beckie

Jun 03, 2021

Yoga is my little haven and I love sharing this beautiful practice with others. Yoga to me is all about spreading positivity, self love and kindness.

Don't worry about what your teacher looks like or what your fellow students are doing on their mats, if it feels good for you, you're doing it right! Yoga is for every body.

Whatever mood my students arrive onto their mats feeling, as long as they leave feeling calm and happy (maybe a little sweaty too) then I feel like I've done my job.

I love a fast, flowy class but also like to bring some stillness to the mind. Whatever style of yoga I'm teaching I love to start with a little meditation and end with a reflection.

When I'm not practicing yoga, you can find me getting lost in the Peaks, hiking with my friends or eating some yummy veggie food. I also do regular weight training and swimming (to balance out my love of food!).

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